Strongly Encouraged Advance Reading for
Summer School

***********We will add a handful of additional advanced readings in the next few weeks!******

Elizabeth Anderson (2015) “When the Market Was Left,” pp. 63-93, in Liberty, Equality, and Private Government.

Thomas Christiano (2006) “Political Equality and the Independent Power of Private Property,” in John Kultgen and Mary Lenzi, eds. Problems for Democracy, pp. 119-38. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Jonathan Hopkin and Mark Blyth (2018) “The Global Economics of European Populism,” Government and Opposition 54: 193-225.

Frederick Neuhouser (2013) “Rousseau’s Critique of Economic Inequality,” Philosophy and Public Affairs 41: 193-225.

Kevin Vallier (2019) “Rawls, Piketty and the Critique of Welfare State Capitalism,” Journal of Politics 81:142-52.



Bibliography of Contributions Relevant
to Summer School Themes


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Paul Weithman (2019), Review of William A. Edmundson (2017) John Rawls: Reticent Socialist, Cambirdge University Press, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.